Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Generation Nutrition Products
**Is there a suggested routine to safely and effectively lose weight? We recommend you start
 with the NG Cleanse! This guarantees that you are starting fresh and allows your body to get rid of
any toxins you may be holding onto that may be limiting your weight loss. Then we recommend
either the NG Bee Pollen or the NG Fatburner (the difference between the NG Fat burner & the
NG Advanced is answered below). Depending on your weightloss goals you may start with the
NG Bee Pollen which is your appetite suppression, diuretic and that most beginners start out with.
Or, NG Fat burner; this targets stubborn body fat in addition to helping promote a healthier
metabolism, smooth energy, suppressed appetite and overall weightloss. If you are experienced
and looking for an effective, strong fat burner, we recommend the NG Advanced.
To sum it up: Starting out we recommend---- Cleanse -> NG Bee Pollen -> NG Fat Burner ->
 NG Advanced. Then repeat if needed.
*You can lose between 5-20 lbs but this may vary depending on
many factors such as body
type, activity level, diet, metabolism function, water intake, etc. It takes the full 30 days to see r
esults, in some cases you may notice it sooner than the 30 days, but this will vary.
**Can I take the cleanse in addition to fat burner? We recommend taking the required dose,
as it is suggested to work best when taken that way. Adding the NG Cleanse will always help to
advance and increase your weight loss.
**Would you recommend taking the cleanser while taking the fat burners?
This cleanser is incredible and will help regulate those people that liked the old bee pollen for the bathroom effects. It's also a great way to rid your body of toxins which is normally what causes us to hold more weight than we'd like! It's an absolute great additive and at a great price, you can't beat it. **Is the Advanced a fat burner? Yes, it is a fat burner.
**What is the main difference between the fat burner and advanced?
If you take a look at
 the ingredient panel you will notice that the advanced formula is loaded with more ingredients to
help achieve maximum weight loss benefits like white tea extract, white willow bark which is great at
 burning fat as well as tyrosine and cissus Quadrangularis. The advanced formula has been
engineered to help you lose weight with minimal excercise and let's not forget the energy and appetite suppressant are amazing. To really sum it up the fat loss formula is more for beginners and the advanced formula is more for the person that can't find a weight loss product that is effective anymore
**Should I take the capsules with or without food? What time of the day? We suggest taking
them with food, first thing in the morning.
**Do I need to change my diet to help with the weight loss? Do I need to exercise?
Incorporating a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine will only help you reach your weight loss
 goals faster. We suggest you do both but it is not necessary.
**Will I have to take NGN products forever to keep the weight off?
No! We hope to help kick
 start your journey or break through a plateau and help you transform into a better YOU overall.
Not just with weight loss, but with a better, healthier lifestyle so that you may maintain the weight
loss or even continue it without any products at all.
**I noticed I am very thirsty all the time. Is this normal? Yes. Most people notice an increase in
thirst. This is part of the detoxification process and usually lasts for about 3 weeks.
**Are these products made with all natural ingredients ? Yes, they certainly are.
**Where are these products made? They are made in the United States.​
**Are they FDA approved? They are not FDA approved as no weight loss supplement is, unless
 prescribed by your doctor. They are however GMP certified.
​**Will I have trouble sleeping? If you are sensitive to caffeine, we suggest you do not take this
supplement. If you can handle 1-2 cups of coffee normally and it not keep you up at night you
should not have trouble sleeping. If taken no later than 12 noon, they should not keep you up at night.

Natural Generation Nutrition was created to offer Safe and Effective products all made and distributed in the USA
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